Help your members spend their tax refund responsibly

on "September 19, 2017 11:42 am"

The CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card is the easy way for members to enjoy their refund responsibly.

Yes, once again here we are – the kids have just gone back to school, the holidays haven’t even begun, and we’re talking about Tax Season?!?

It will be here sooner than you think! From the minute kids start saying “trick or treat” the holiday whirlwind begins and taxes will be the last thing on your members’ minds until those W2’s start landing in their mailboxes like old fruitcake.

Suddenly holiday cheer turns to forms, receipts, and dreaded hours sitting with accountants (no offense accountants!)  

When that time comes, you can be ready to help your members cope with the stress by offering them a great way to put that impending tax refund aside for some well-deserved enjoyment.

The CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card is the easy way for members to enjoy their refund responsibly. 

By loading all or a portion of their tax refund onto an Everyday Spend prepaid debit card, members can keep that money separate from their other accounts.  That way it’s there when they want to spend it on a specific purchase, a special occasion, or even just keep it safe for a rainy day.

Plus the convenient CUMONEY® free mobile app lets members stay on top of their balance as well as what they’ve spent and where, 24/7.  It’s a simple, responsible way to enjoy that refund, while at the same time not spending it all at once.

To learn more about how Everyday Spend meets your members’ needs, call (800) 942-7124 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..