Calendar of Events

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September 2018

Imaged Documents & Checks: Regulations & Legal Concerns (Webinar)
Complying with Reg Z Rules for HELOCs: Disclosure, Documentation, Statements & Maintenance (Webinar)
10 How to Originate & Onboard a New ACH Business: Set Up, Risk Assessment, Registry, Audit & Third-Party Senders (Webinar)
11 New BSA Officer Training: Requirements & Real-Life Scenarios (Webinar) 
12 Trust, but Verify - The Top Ten Items Every Credit Union Board Should Monitor (Webinar)
13 Mortgage Lender Training Part 1: Life-of-Loan Reg B Requirements, Including Application, Monitoring & Disclosures (Webinar)
17 Handling Business Account Transactions:  Dos, Don’ts & Best Practices (Webinar)
18 Director Series: Board Governance Essentials (Webinar)
19 Consumer Debt Series: Maximizing Recoveries on Charged-Off Loans (Webinar)
20 Marketing Series: Measuring the ROI of Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Webinar)
22 Leveraging the Credit Union Difference Workshop, J. Walter Cameron Center, Maui
24 HMDA Reporting:  Lessons Learned, Common Mistakes & FAQs (Webinar)
25 Vendor Outsourcing: Due Diligence, Contracts, Risks & Oversight (Webinar)
26 Managing the Employment Termination Process: Before, During & After (Webinar)
27 Compliance Officer Training: Risk Assessments, Monitoring & Testing (Webinar)

October 2018

Call Report Series: Call Reports & Financial Statements & Schedules B-E (Webinar)
Ascensus IRA Essentials & Advanced Seminar, HCUL Education Center
Proper Preparation of the TRID Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure (Webinar)
The Fair Labor Standards Act: Dos & Don'ts of Exempt & Nonexempt Pay Issues (Webinar)
Cyber Series: Cyber Threats: Prevention, Detection & Response (Webinar)
10 Mortgage Lender Training Part 2: Mortgage Life-of-Loan: Processing, Underwriting & Notices (Webinar)
11 New Accounts Series: Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens (Webinar)
16 IRA Series: IRA Conversions, Recharacterizations & Excess Contributions (Webinar)
17 Payment Systems Rules & Regulations for ACH, Cards, Wires & Checks (Webinar)
18 Understanding Title Insurance Policies, Commitments & ALTA Endorsements (Webinar)
24 Member Business Lending: Risks, Rewards, Controls & Common Mistakes (Webinar)
25 Best Practices for a Successful Internal Audit (Webinar)
30 Analyzing Common TRID Compliance Violations (Webinar)
31 Compliance Series: Job-Specific Compliance Training for Deposit Operations (Webinar)

November 2018

Form 1099 Reporting: Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More (Webinar)
6 ACH Liabilities & Warranties for ODFIs: Reducing Your Exposure (Webinar)
7 Consumer Debt Series: Proper Repossession, Notice & Sale of Non-Real Estate Collateral (Webinar)
Lending to Churches & Other Nonprofit Organizations (Webinar) 
13 Mortgage Lender Training Part 3: Mortgage Life-of-Loan: Decision-Making, Appraisals, Post-Closing Requirements (Webinar)
14 Compliance Series: Robbery Preparedness: Requirements & Proven Strategies (Webinar)
15 Identifying Red Flags in Board Reports (Webinar)
16-17 Regulatory & Governmental Affairs Conference, Ala Moana Hotel
27 Your Borrower Has Died: Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid (Webinar)
28 IRA Series: Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes (Webinar)
29 Managing & Mitigating Card-Not-Present Fraud (Webinar)

December 2018

Cyber Series: Compliance Questions & Issues in Deploying Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (Webinar) 
Auditing for HMDA Compliance, Including New Data Collection Rules (Webinar) 
Improving Teller Performance: Head Teller Development (Webinar)
11 Call Report Series: Auditing Call Reports (Webinar)
12 Dealing with Joint Signers in Consumer & Real Estate Lending (Webinar)
13 Your Depositor Has Died: Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid (Webinar)
18 Closing or Changing Deposit Accounts for Consumers & Businesses (Webinar)
19 BSA Officer Reports to the Board (Webinar)
20 Handling Government ACH Payment Returns & Reclamations (Webinar)