Leadership lessons gained by HCUL JEDI

on "November 20, 2017 2:34 pm"

KFVE General Manager John Fink and Hawaii State Federal Credit Union President/CEO Andrew Rosen sat down with the League’s most recent Junior Executive Development Initiative (JEDI) group for a lesson on mentoring and leadership.

The JEDIs—Mike Gurat, Maui County FCU; Jessica Patterson, Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union; and Taylor Rollins, Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union had lunch with these two leaders during the League’s annual Regulatory and Governmental Affairs Conference today in Honolulu.

As part of the JEDI experience, participants are offered complimentary registration at this conference as well as other opportunities. The program aims to engage and equip young, up and coming credit union professionals to be leaders in the credit union movement.

John Fink is known locally for his “Think About It” segments on KFVE-TV where he tackles current issues facing the community and asks viewers to, "Think About It". Andrew Rosen has starred in amazing marketing videos, where he has danced in red pants, portrayed a Michael Jackson Zombie, and sang lead in a Ghostbusters parody called “Bank Busters”. Under Rosen’s leadership, Hawaii State FCU is known as a leader in innovation and growth.


Jessica Patterson, John Fink, Mike Gurat, Taylor Rollins, and Andrew Rosen.