Dealing with Disruption in the Financial Services Industry Seminar

on "November 21, 2017 11:37 am"

What’s driving your organizational priorities? Organizational priorities seem to be in a constant state of evolution and flux. Today’s strategic decisions may not be felt right away, but will most assuredly determine your future. Sign up today for this January 12 seminar!

Even in rare instances when an organization maintains a crystal-clear vision and strategic plan, competing priorities arise as we strive to balance strategic work with fighting fires. As a strategy-focused consulting firm with a bent toward risk management, Rochdale Paragon Group helps credit unions navigate demands of various stakeholders, all while maintaining focus on the vision and mission related to helping members succeed financially.  

While strategic plans are diverse and unique to each organization, the plans are hopefully focused on increasing the value of the organization to current and potential members. It is important to stop and consider what members really value and what threats pose potential disruption to our current plans.

This seminar delves into the disruptive strategy processes, breaking down points of failure and offering unique views on building sustainable strategy development. Today’s strategic decisions may not be felt right away, but will most assuredly determine your future.

Interactive discussions cover:

  • Disruption of consumer banking
  • What does the future hold for Credit Union in 10 years
  • How to plan for and embrace uncertainty
  • Executing on strategic big bets
  • Value preservation versus value creation – a risk appetite dialog
  • Connecting the organization for alignment and execution




Tony Ferris, Chief Executive Officer 
Apogee iQ / Rochdale Paragon Group

As a financial industry consulting expert, Tony Ferris enjoys guiding C-Suite professionals to identify the unseen, implement the difficult, and create sustainable solutions to maximize results. His clients describe him as a “revolutionist” who delivers truths and solutions. Ferris truly partners with leaders and organizations to bring about positive disruption in the status quo, creating opportunities for competitive advantage, rather than merely reacting to what others in the industry are doing.

Blending over 20 years of experience working with financial institutions and his natural change-embracing skills, Ferris helps leaders truly evolve in the way they think, strategize, and govern.  Ferris and Rochdale Paragon Group have led the charge on defining business processes around governance, risk and assurance disciplines to formalize how organizations make better decisions and focus on critical tasks. Rochdale Paragon Group provides the culture and framework to preserve and create organizational value by de-biasing decisions, delivering focus on the most important opportunities and obstacles, and assuring compliance while minimizing administrative expense.