Dollar Associates announces 2018 webinars

on "March 05, 2018 2:04 pm"

Mark your calendars and take advantage of this year's Dollar Associates webinars.


NCUA’s New Field of Membership Rules: What Do They Mean for My Credit Union?
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In October 2016 NCUA approved a final rule to amend and revise the agency’s field of membership (FOM) rules and regulations.   This was welcomed news by many because, regardless of charter type, FOM policy still matters for every credit union in America that wants to grow. After all, new income requires new loans which require new accounts which require new members which require more eligible members which require more field of More...membership opportunity. The daisy chain of credit union financial success begins with field of membership.

As leading experts in credit union field of membership, former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar and former NCUA Chief of Staff Kirk Cuevas will walk attendees through the field of membership diversification options available to credit unions in the current environment, including the new provisions recently approved by NCUA.

Don’t miss out on the discussion and insights that this challenging and enlightening presentation will provide. This presentation will give strategic minded credit union leaders the tools necessary to evaluate and respond to recent changes to the NCUA field of membership manual and analyze the true impact of potential changes on the credit union's goals.



To Merge or Not to Merge
Thursday, May 17, 2018

The credit union industry has averaged one merger per business day since 2000. This activity is accelerating with the challenges of tight margins, management turnover, and dramatically increased regulatory requirements.

Among the biggest issues facing credit unions when considering mergers is simply how to do it to ensure all of the right bases are touched in a way that results in a strong merger and in a timely manner. What will be the continuing field of membership? What about the Board structure? Do the Hart-Scott-Rodino anti-trust provisions apply in a credit union merger? When should the notices to members be sent? Do the notices have to be pre-approved by the regulators? Can state and federal charters merge? What are anticipated timelines for completing a merger?

Whether you are considering a merger or have potential merger partners for your credit union, please join us in this very timely webinar as we discuss the complete merger process – from initial negotiations to final merger disclosure requirements.



Ten Working Growth Strategies
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Credit unions across the country have implemented various strategies and tactics to achieve growth during this period of economic change.  Earnings pressures and tight margins have required credit unions to get creative with new growth opportunities to explore.  Some of these strategies have been successful while others have not.

Most credit unions desire to know projected and anticipated results of a new strategy before investing time and money in any venture.  This webinar, integral to a credit union's planning process, will arm your credit union with ten strategies that are working for credit unions across the country.  All ten strategies will likely not be a fit for each individual credit union; however, this webinar will give credit unions options to discuss at their next planning session or board meeting.



Trust, but Verify - The Top Ten Items Every Credit Union Board Should Monitor
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Recognizing the value of the credit union volunteer board and the need for cost-efficient opportunities for current board training, Dollar Associates is offering a continuing education webinar for credit union volunteer leaders and the managers who work with them to produce stronger credit unions in a challenging marketplace.  This one hour and fifteen-minute webinar will emphasize strong working relationships between boards and management, delineate the proper roles of each and emphasize practical ways that credit union boards can be more effective in their fiduciary roles.

Presented by former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar, this training presentation has been delivered on site in a number of states in conjunction with state regulators.  This is a tremendous opportunity for a strong continuing education program that can benefit credit union directors at a reasonable cost, with no travel, presented by one of the credit union industry's most recognized leaders.