Hawaii island credit union adopts new name

Posted by Laurie Okawa-Moore
on "July 05, 2018 10:44 am"

Effective July 2, 2018, Hāmākua Coast Community Federal Credit Union officially changed its name to Hāmākua Federal Credit Union.

The name change is part of an exciting year for the credit union, according to Hāmākua FCU President Kelly Gibo.

“With our change in field of membership (FOM) a few years ago, our goal is to offer additional products/services to appeal to existing and potential members throughout Hawai‘i Island,” she explained.

The credit union also unveiled a new logo.

“Water represents life. Without water, nothing can survive and grow. Water encircles Hawai‘i Island and its people, and water from above brings life and beauty to Hāmākua.” 

The three water droplets represent the credit unions:

  • Past — with its roots humbly serving the Pepe‘ekeo community
  • Present — our island wide FOM change allows the credit union to grow and expand beyond providing basic services
  • Future — further grow our membership and broaden our offerings of products and services to meet members needs wherever they live

The ripples are created as the water droplets impact the bountiful waters of Hāmākua and then gently expand to touch all of Hawai‘i Island.