Hawaii CUs share aloha spirit and tangible solutions to members affected by government shutdown

Posted by Laurie Okawa-Moore
on "January 10, 2019 11:49 am"

Hawaii credit unions have implemented assistance programs to help members who are adversely affected by the current partial government shutdown.


Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union 
President/CEO Vince Otsuka
Waiving early closure fees for CDs, offering loan assistance on an individual basis, offering payment deferrals, interest deferrals and modifications depending on the situation. (Field of membership includes the Hawaii National Guard and Department of Defense.

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Andrew Rosen
Offering loan payment deferrals for members affected by the government shutdown. Waiving time deposit early withdrawal penalties. Offering unsecured personal loan of $1,000 to $5,000 for up to 27-month term, with 0% interest for the first three months.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Karl Yoneshige,
Payroll Relief Program:  Option 1: Personal Loan – Borrow up to one month’s amount of pay at fixed 6.00% APR up to 6-month term. Available to all federal employees, No annual fees or prepayment penalty. Option 2: Loan Deferral – Defer one month's payment on a current HawaiiUSA term loan up to two times.  Request funds and have them available immediately. 

Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union
Offering loan payment extensions for those members affected by the government shutdown and waiving early withdrawal penalties for closure of CDs.

Hickam Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Scott Kaulukukui
Members affected by the partial government shutdown can receive budget counseling, loan extensions and due date changes, refinancing options, waivers on any penalty charge for early termination on time certificates.  Members are offered assistance for as long as is needed.

HOCU (Honolulu Federal Credit Union)
President/CEO Mark Munemitsu
HOCU will provide 0.5% APR, 9-month term loans to all federal government or military personnel affected by the government shut down. Maximum loan request will be $5,000.00. 

Ko`olau Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Deborah Kim
Offering loan extension on a case-by-case basis, no penalty for early withdrawals on term deposits,  waiver of fees on low balances, and furlough signature loans.

Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Neal Takase
Members affected by the government shut down can get a 12-month personal loan at 3.00% APR.  Loan payment deferments are also available.


Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Tricia Buskirk
Members affected by the federal government shutdown are offered loan payment deferrals, fee waivers, waivers of early withdrawal fees on share certificates, and immediate availability of deposits on a case by case basis.

Hawaii First Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Laura Aguirre
Loan extensions are available along with the Pathways financial coaching program. Their Community Resource Centers are gathering information on resources available from our non-profit partners. A small benevolence fund may be used to assist in these instances.

HFS Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Nathan Abe
Assistance includes payment deferments, waiving fees, granting loans – each members’ situation is assessed and help is tailored to individual needs.


Kahului Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Guy Muraoka
Offering deferred loan payment, personal loan, share certificate redemption, and release of shares. 

Maui Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Clayton Fuchigami
Offering “furlough loans” to members affected by the government shutdown.

Maui County Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Gary Fukuroku
Affected members can either choose the skip a payment option or an emergency loan.

Valley Isle Community Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Trevor Tokishi
A $1,000 emergency loan program is implemented for federal workers who will not be getting paid.  A faster track loan modification for current members who are federal employees who currently have loans with the credit union.


Gather Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Tess Shimabukuro
Members are being encouraged to contact the credit union for financial assistance. Affected members are offered loan payment extensions. If a member has elected Involuntary Unemployment Coverage in their Debt Protection package, we are filing a claim for them through CUNA Mutual.

Kauai Government Employees Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Monica Belz
Affected members are offered a loan amount up to one month’s net pay (two most recent paystubs must be provided), 4% APR, no credit check required (past history with KGEFCU may affect the applicant’s ability to be approved), with a 12-month repayment. Loan must be paid with direct deposit.

Kauai Teachers Federal Credit Union
President/CEO Conrad Rualizo
Offering an “Emergency Loan” program with a limit of $1,000 (the approved limit since 2000).  Higher loan amounts require board approval.