Planning Pro streamlines strategic process

on "August 15, 2019 12:17 pm"

Every credit union invests valuable time, money and effort into strategic planning. Even with the best intentions, it’s difficult to anticipate all the complexities and challenges it takes to develop a thorough strategic plan. Your time is in high demand and short supply. Yet you expend endless hours identifying, defining, and overseeing your credit union’s key priorities, goals, and action items.

So, how can you deliver a thoughtful strategic plan and deploy scarce resources given your time constraints? Planning Pro, CU Solutions Group’s (CUSG) collaborative, automated solution streamlines the process by meeting all your planning needs.

Manage, Monitor, and Measure the Planning Process

Pressure continues for credit unions to develop coherent, forward-thinking strategic plans that include metrics, benchmarks, and real-time reporting. Planning Pro, a sophisticated, user-friendly tool, renders a comprehensive plan consolidating strategic initiatives; monitoring executive performance as well as corporate and branch goals; and measures key performance indicators all while eliminating the frustration from the planning process. Planning Pro logo

One Real-time Solution to Help You Shape a Clear Vision

Planning Pro enables you to collaboratively imagine your credit union’s future. Planning Pro is solution-strategy planning—a comprehensive, cloud-based tool that engages your entire management team. With Planning Pro, you create a living document that automatically updates presentations, uses call report data to bring the right questions to the table, compares peer data, surveys your employees, and more.

Get the Results Your Credit Union Wants

Planning Pro is the only tool you will need. It adds value for your board and leadership by mapping out strategic issues, priorities, and direction. Planning Pro captures the results to guide your credit union to a sustainable future.

Planning Pro:

  • Ensures more transparency and accountability in strategy execution
  • Monitors team members’ progress on key priorities, goals, action items, and more
  • Delivers real-time, comprehensive reporting to your board of directors
  • Automatically alerts team members of any changes to relevant assigned tasks
  • Strengthens team cohesion and communication through collaborative goal setting
  • Incorporates peer analysis, benchmarking, and real-time reporting

For more information on Planning Pro, contact CUSG at 800.262.6285 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..