Use CUAnalyzer to leverage data for strategic planning

on "August 15, 2019 12:54 pm"

As you set goals for 2020, log into CUAnalyzer and build your strategic planning report. CUAnalyzer contains hundreds of pre-built financial graphs and tables with performance analysis and ratio definitions ready for you and your team.

CUAnalyzer Makes It Easy To The Right Data To The Right People 
Looking for something a bit more specific? Check out the pre-built "Roles" folder. Just add a peer group and export into a ready-to-use presentation or send to your senior leaders through email. The "Roles" folder includes data packets for:

CUAnalyzer Role Packets

Click the Export button to get a ready to go PowerPoint, PDF or share via email to your senior team or individual colleagues.

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Early data is now available in CUAnalyzer. With 99% of the industry (including privately insured institutions), you can get started on your 2Q and strategic planning analysis today.

Member credit unions have access to CUAnalyzer through its affiliation with the Hawaii Credit Union League. Log in now to get started. Need help? Explore our support resources or sign up for our next training for a complete walkthrough.

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