HawaiiUSA FCU employee wins financial education recognition

on "October 09, 2019 3:15 pm"

HawaiiUSA FCU Business Development Officer Bryan Yucoco was named 2019 Financial Education Champion by the Hawaii Jump$tart Coalition.

Within the past year, Bryan has completed more than 50 public and private school presentations and workshops on financial wellness. This includes topics on budgeting, credit, and college readiness. In total, Bryan has reached over 4,500 students and 1,500 parents. Representing HawaiiUSA's core values of service, integrity, unity, and achievement, Bryan continues to build relationships within our communities and connect with members of all ages. 

Founded in 1995, the Jump$tart Coalition focuses on offering quality personal finance education to students. This distinction honors a teacher who has successfully delivered financial education to Hawaii students, Pre-K through College, and demonstrates a passion and drive for instilling financial skills within our children. Educators may be teachers at public or private schools, volunteers, nonprofit staff, or financial educators from financial institutions.

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