Five tips to utilize CUAnalyzer for financial analysis

on "October 16, 2019 2:31 pm"

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Log in to CUAnalyzer and jump into financial analysis to help your credit union make better data-backed decisions. Hawaii Credit Union League has access to CUAnalyzer through its affiliation with the Hawaii Credit Union League. 

  1. Identify the most important ratios for your role or department
    With more than 100 pre-built displays, explore the Roles folder for curated packets for specific roles, such as CEO, CFO, board of directors, and more.
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  1. Discover how you compare to your peers
    Create a peer group based on geography or financial criteria and compare that peer group to your primary institution.

  2. Learn more about the ratios you see
    Better understand each ratio with definitions provided by CUAnalyzer to ensure that your credit union can use the data to make more effective decisions.

  3. Chart your progress towards goals
    Select the ratio you want to track and when you want to reach this goal. This is an easy way to keep you and your team accountable by tracking progress.

  4. Turn on automatic reporting
    Receive new data right to your inbox by choosing your display, selecting Export and send via email. You get these automatically sent to your team. Just don't forget to select "Whenever Callahan uploads new quarterly data" as your When To Send option.

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