Building a Business Case for Critical Event Management

on "November 05, 2019 9:05 am"

Everbridge, a League business partner for comprehensive mass communication systems, offers a free downloadable resourceā€”Building a Business Case for Critical Event Management.

Natural disasters, cyber attacks, operational disruptions, and workplace violence on average costs businesses $350,000 per event. As enterprises face an increase in the number and variety of risks (both physical- and technology-focused), need for a more integrated and holistic response is becoming paramount.           

Everbridge offers this resource kit to learn how a Critical Event Management (CEM) solution will help you:everbridge web ad

  • Unite cross-departmental groups to increase collaboration and reduce confusion;
  • Reduce the time required to assess threats and locate assets and people;
  • Improve the speed and ability to initiate and manage responses effectively, and
  • Identify areas of improvement and assists with regulatory compliance.

In addition, this resource kit will walk you through the steps to build an internal business case for a Critical Event Management (CEM) software solution.