ISSAC: A comprehensive vendor and contract management solution

on "November 18, 2019 2:45 pm"

With the increasing risk associated with outsourced services and solutions, financial institutions must ensure that their internal Vendor Management Program and managers are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to assess and manage vendor relationships.

Buckley Technology Group offers a comprehensive and customizable solution that is tailored to fit your vendor management program. ISSAC provides various risk assessments to establish oversight of your vendors, multiple reports to communicate information to your board and auditors, and an all-inclusive contract management system to monitor vendor agreements all in one place.2014 BTG logo

ISSAC IT/Information Security Audit Solution

  • One of the many modules offered to achieve your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) goals
  • A comprehensive solution for the management of your Organization’s Information Technology and Information Security Audit Program
  • The best solution to allow your organization to combine and consolidate all of your IT solutions related to vendor, product, services, assets and technology in one centralized secured solution
  • An integrated Document Management Solution allowing your Organization to easily retain and retrieve IT security plans and procedures in one secured centralized location
  • Able to perform internal IT Audits and Information Security Risk Assessments and allow retention of supporting material. Ideal for industry audit requirements

Benefits of ISSAC

  • Accurately standardize the process and effectively risk rate your IT infrastructure and information security processes and procedures
  • Allow for the involvement of all key areas of the Information Security Program in a user friendly solution
  • Assess, manage and audit critical procedures and processes related to network and data security
  • Customize and perform IT Audits and Information Security Risk Assessments
  • Provide the Information Security Officer (ISO) and IT Manager with the tools to track the overall Information Security Program
  • Provide management and regulators with clear concise reports and progress of IT security infrastructure and Information Security Program
  • Set multiple email alert reminders for audits or risk assessments, task lists and policy reviews

Buckley Technology Group has been a League business partner since 2010 The company provides credit unions with the expertise, products, and services to protect information assets, secure technology systems and manage data productively, vendor risk management, business continuity, information security, e-commerce, and web site compliance. Contact Tim Buckley for more information.