The ACH audit deadline is soon approaching!

on "November 18, 2019 2:52 pm"

CU Pacific Audit Solutions provides affordable ACH audit services and can complete this audit quickly and efficiently.

Keeping up with the constant change in the laws and regulations affecting credit unions can be overwhelming. Today more than ever, ensuring your credit union is in compliance is a necessity. NCUA examiners are sharpening their focus on regulatory compliance. CU Pacific Audit Solutions can assist management in ensuring that credit union regulatory requirements are being met and significantly decrease your regulatory compliance burden. Our comprehensive regulatory compliance testing and services help your credit union meet required testing guidelines and regulatory requirements set forth by NCUA.101309 CU Pacific Logo HR RGB

NACHA Audit Rules require that all financial institutions that receive or originate ACH transactions must complete an audit annually, by December 31st of each year.

You will need to complete this audit if your credit union originates or receives:

  • direct deposits of payroll into member share accounts;
  • direct payment of member bills such as mortgages, loans, and bills
  • direct deposits applied against loan balances for payments on loans, share drafts, or bill payment services; and
  • direct deposit of government payments, such as Social Security, into member accounts.

If your credit union has not conducted its annual ACH Audit, please call CU Pacific Audit Solutions, LLC today at 808.942.7565 or toll-free from the neighbor islands at 888.432.8772 to schedule your review. CU Pacific Audit Solutions, LLC has been a League business partner since 1992.