Maui FCU opens first Interactive Teller Machine

on "February 14, 2019 1:01 pm"

In addition to the functions of a regular ATM, members can now access a live teller to conduct enhanced transactions with the first Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) installed at the Maui Federal Credit Union branch in Kahului.

Fulfilling its mission to provide innovative technology and personalized service, the ITM will be able to accommodate bank transactions beyond withdrawals and deposits. Users will be able to connect to a live teller through video chat, effectively extending hours of operation and personal assistance up to 6:00 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays and 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

“We understand our working families are unable to access our services until pau hana hours or on the weekend when we are closed, which is why the ITM installed at our building will be a great convenience,” said Clayton Fuchigami, president of Maui FCU. “Sometimes you have questions a regular ATM machine cannot accommodate, so I welcome all to get familiarized with the technology, especially our members.”

The ITM installation and operation is made possible by Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union, a natural progression of more than 20 years of partnership with Maui FCU. Aloha Pacific FCU president Vince Otsuka demonstrated why ITMs are easy to operate using touch screen technology.

“Users can select to have interactions with a live person or simply use the machine like a regular ATM,” Otsuka said. “The technology has brought convenience to many, allowing them more control of their finances. We are happy to be part of Maui FCU’s commitment to serve Maui families.”

For questions, call Maui FCU at 808.873.5050.

Maui FCU President Clayton Fuchigami with Aloha Pacific FCU President Vince Otsuka try out the new ITM at Maui FCU's Kahului branch.

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About Maui FCU and Aloha Pacific FCU

Established in 1938, Maui FCU is “making it happen” for Maui families for more than 80 years, with a commitment to providing its members quality products, affordable rates, and unbeatable personal service to enhance their financial future.

Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union was established in 1936, formerly as Honolulu City & County Employees Federal Credit Union. It is the 3rd largest credit union in Hawaii. Aloha Pacific FCU’s dedication to its members has been unwavering throughout the years as it continues to build relationships for generations to come.