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April 2021

Board Governance & Credit Union Liquidity Risk Management (CU Webinar Network)
1  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Proactive Relationship Member Service
Remote Workforce Series: Moving to the Cloud: Remote Management of Risks to Member Data (CU Webinar Network)
OnCourse Learning Webinar - IRA Beneficiary Payout Options - The Old Rules vs The New Rules
E-SIGN Series: 60 Minutes The E-SIGN, BSA & CIP Compliance Trifecta (CU Webinar Network)
7  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Intro to Member Business Lending
Board Reporting: Requirements, Timing, Delivery Options, Risks & Concerns (CU Webinar Network)
8-9 Hawaii Credit Union League 82nd Convention - A Virtual Event
12 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Vendor Management: How Model Risk Fits In
13 HCUL Debt Repayment Strategies Workshop (Webinar)
13 Collection Series: Regulatory Alphabet for Collections Compliance (CU Webinar Network)
13 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Alert! Revisions to Three Sections of the BSA FFIEC Exam Manual
14 Reg CC Compliance & Review: Check Holds, Remote Deposit Capture & Reg D Changes (CU Webinar Network)
14 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Implementing Agency Identified Issues into Compliance Auditing Programs
15 New Time Limits for ACH Warranty Claims Effective June 30, 2021 (CU Webinar Network)
15 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Managing a Successful Call Center
20 Global Cash Flow Analysis for Underwriters & Credit Analysts (CU Webinar Network)
20 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Fraud Detection and Investigation
21 Commercial Loan: Workouts, Restructuring & Loss Mitigation (CU Webinar Network)
22 Debit Cards 101 (CU Webinar Network)
27 Hot IRA Issues: Divorce, IRS Levies, Creditor Claims & Misunderstood Rules (CU Webinar Network)
27 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Online Account Opening
28 E-SIGN Series: 60 Minutes E-SIGN Security & Fraud Detection (CU Webinar Network)
28 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Are Safe Deposit Boxes on Their Way Out?
29 Auditing Call Reports (CU Webinar Network) 
29 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Introduction to ACH

May 2021

4 Current Trends in Cyber Crime & Payments Fraud (CU Webinar Network)
OnCourse Learning Webinar - Components of a Strong Information Security Program
4 OnCourse Learning Webinar -New QM Standards Under the Truth in Lending Act 
5 Credit Analyst Series: Loan Stress Testing for the Credit Analyst (CU Webinar Network)
5 OnCourse Learning Webinar - 3-Part Series for New Compliance Officers
5 OnCourse Learning Webinar -Compliance 101 - Introduction to Compliance for New Compliance Officers 
6 Advanced Commercial Loan Documentation (CU Webinar Network)
HCUL Bank Secrecy Act Training for Volunteers (Virtual)
10 Residential Construction-Only & Construction-to-Permanent Lending: Compliance & FAQs (CU Webinar Network)
11 Collection Series: Your Borrower Is Threatening Bankruptcy, Now What? (CU Webinar Network)
12 HR Dos & Don’ts in a Virtual World (CU Webinar Network)
13 OnCourse Learning Webinar -Treasury Management: A Powerful Tool to Increase Deposits and Fee Income 
13 5 Steps to Simplify Reg E Claims (CU Webinar Network)
13 HCUL Bank Secrecy Act Training for Staff (Virtual)
14 OnCourse Learning Webinar - BSA 101 - Introduction to the Bank Secrecy Act for New BSA Compliance Officers
18 Developments in Mergers & Acquisitions (CU Webinar Network)
18 OnCourse Learning Webinar -Writing Teller Training and Procedures 
19 Surviving a TRID Compliance Exam (CU Webinar Network)
25 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Conducting a Compliance Audit/Review
25 Collection Series: The Virtual World of Collections (CU Webinar Network)
25 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens
26 HCUL Complying with Subpoenas, Garnishments & Tax Levies Workshop (Virtual)
26 Handling W-9s, W-8BENs & IRS Mismatches (CU Webinar Network)
26 OnCourse Learning Webinar - ACH Origination for Credit Unions
27 Marketing in 2021: Virtual Relationships & the New Consumer (CU Webinar Network) 
27 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Loan Collection Tools Vital in Today’s Economy

June 2021

1 Handling Subpoenas, Summonses, Garnishments & Levies (CU Webinar Network)
OnCourse Learning Webinar - Alert! Credit Union Penalized for Marijuana!
3 Call Report Fundamentals for New Preparers & Reviewers (CU Webinar Network)
8 Financial Literacy Part 1: How to Identify 7 Credit Union Risks Using Financial Statements (CU Webinar Network)
OnCourse Learning Webinar - ESIGN and UETA for Deposits
9 Collection Series: Troubled Debt Restructuring in the COVID Economy (CU Webinar Network)
10 Introduction to SBA Lending (CU Webinar Network)
10 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Excel Made Clear: Pivot Table Techniques
14 UDAAP & Consumer Protection: Heightened Scrutiny Under a New Administration (CU Webinar Network)
16 Wire Transfer Compliance: Domestic & International (CU Webinar Network)
17 Credit Analyst Series: Advanced Financial Statement Analysis (CU Webinar Network)
22 OnCourse Learning Webinar - FCRA Compliance: E-Oscar and Metro2
23 Collection Series: Managing Mortgage Delinquency (CU Webinar Network)  
29 OnCourse Learning Webinar - What To Do When Your Member Dies
30 e-Everything: Compliance in an Online Environment (CU Webinar Network)

July 2021

Avoiding the Top 10 HELOC Compliance Mistakes (CU Webinar Network)
Business Writing Boot Camp, Including Critique of Your Own Writing Sample (CU Webinar Network)
13 Capital Adequacy & Risk: Regulator Expectations for the Board (CU Webinar Network)
14 Legal Issues of Checks (CU Webinar Network)
14 OnCourse Learning Webinar - The ABCs of Robbery Prevention
15 Navigating Compliance Issues for Promotions, Bonuses, Contests & Sweepstakes (CU Webinar Network)
20 Collection Series: Chapter 7 & 13 Consumer Bankruptcies: Special Rules, Cramdowns & Risks (CU Webinar Network)
21 Regulation E Compliance with ACH Payments (CU Webinar Network)
22 Job-Specific BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Operations Staff (CU Webinar Network)
28 IRA Beneficiary Designations, Death Distributions & Required Minimum Distributions (CU Webinar Network)
29 Credit Analyst Series: Credit Fundamentals for the New Credit Analyst (CU Webinar Network)

August 2021

Comparing Regulation E with Visa & Mastercard Rules (CU Webinar Network)
New Accounts Series: Regulatory Alphabet for Deposit Accounts (CU Webinar Network)
10 New ACH Meaningful Modernization Rules Effective September 17, 2021 (CU Webinar Network)
10 OnCourse Learning Webinar - Excel Made Clear: Budget Spreadsheets
11-12 HCUL Operations Compliance Seminar (Virtual)
11 Credit Analyst Series: Debt Service Coverage Calculations in Underwriting (CU Webinar Network)
12 Handling POAs & Living Trust Documents on Deposit Accounts & Loans (CU Webinar Network)
17 Record Retention: What to Keep and Why! (CU Webinar Network)
18 Critical CIP & CDD Issues: Compliance, Beneficial Ownership & FAQs (CU Webinar Network)
19 Maximizing Cyber Security Soundness & Minimizing Incidents (CU Webinar Network)
24 Financial Literacy Part 2: How to Interpret Key Ratios, Risks & Reporting (CU Webinar Network)
25 Survey Says! The Top 10 Reasons Businesses Move Their Accounts (CU Webinar Network)
26 Job-Specific BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for the Frontline (CU Webinar Network)
30 Loan Underwriting 101: Interviewing, Credit Reports, Debt Ratios & Regulation B (CU Webinar Network)
31 Dealing with Difficult Members: 5 Foolproof Techniques (CU Webinar Network)

September 2021

Call Report Loan Classifications & Basic Lending Schedules (CU Webinar Network)
Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment (CU Webinar Network)
New Accounts Series: 20 Legal Types of Accounts: Ownership, Documentation & CIP (CU Webinar Network)
ACH Payment Reclamations & Garnishments (CU Webinar Network)
14 Job-Specific BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Lenders (CU Webinar Network)
15 Completing the CTR Line-by-Line (CU Webinar Network)
16 Fiduciary Responsibilities of New & Experienced Directors (CU Webinar Network)
21 Bankruptcy for Lenders: Chapter 11 & Subchapter V, The Small Business Reorganization Act (CU Webinar Network)
22 New Accounts Series: Business Account Documentation (CU Webinar Network)
23 Hot Topics in Social Media Engagement for Credit Unions (CU Webinar Network)
28 HMDA Reporting Part 1: Application Basics (CU Webinar Network)
29 Understanding TRID Tolerance Cures (CU Webinar Network)
30 Conducting In-House Evaluations: Guidance, Rules & Technological Tools (CU Webinar Network)

October 2021

Strategic Planning for Credit Unions (CU Webinar Network)
SAR Decision-Making (CU Webinar Network)
New Accounts Series: Opening Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations (CU Webinar Network)
13 Denied Loan Requirements A to Z (CU Webinar Network)
14 Notary Compliance, Including Virtual Notarization (CU Webinar Network)
19 Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes (CU Webinar Network)
20 Reg E Investigation & Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution (CU Webinar Network)
21 Job-Specific BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Senior Management & Directors (CU Webinar Network)
27 New Accounts Series: Adverse Action at Account Opening: Reporting & Documentation (CU Webinar Network)
28 HMDA Reporting Part 2: Collecting Demographic Information (CU Webinar Network)

November 2021

Robbery Prevention, Response & Resilience (CU Webinar Network)
Mastercard Debit Card Chargebacks (CU Webinar Network)
Board Secretary Training: Documenting Minutes, Corrections & Disagreements (CU Webinar Network)
8  OnCourse Learning Webinar - Excel Made Clear: Building Error-Free Spreadsheets
10 New Accounts Series: Opening Accounts for Nonresident Aliens (CU Webinar Network)
11 HMDA Reporting Part 3: Commercial Lending Issues (CU Webinar Network)
16 Completing the SAR Line-by-Line (CU Webinar Network)
18 1099 Reporting: Foreclosures, Repossessions & Debt Settlements (CU Webinar Network)

December 2021

Your Depositor Has Died: Actions to Take, Mistakes to Avoid (CU Webinar Network)
The Legal Side of Remote Deposit Capture: Risks & Liability (CU Webinar Network)
Visa Debit Card Chargebacks (CU Webinar Network)
Security Officer Reports to the Board: Timing, Contents & Requirements (CU Webinar Network)
15 Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review (CU Webinar Network)